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Since established in 2009, EVERLUSTER specialise in LED lighting solutions and supply a wide range of innovative LED lighting products. With 10years growth
our lighting products has across fields of architecture, design, engineering, development and construction. We deliver innovative and creative lighting
into commercial, residential, hospitality, retail, education and infrastructure sectors.
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Our advantages


When you buy a led strip lights, will you pay attention to the following things?
How vital these things are to LED Strip Lighting!

Low Light Delay

We require LED chips to have higher light efficiency, and higher light efficiency will reduce the heat of led lamp beads, making LED lamps more energy efficient.

Low Light Delay

We use high-quality LED chips, which have high luminous efficiency, low heat generation, low light decay, and low light decay to ensure longer life of LED lamps.

High CRI

We require LED chips to have higher color rendering, which makes the light closer to natural light, making the light received by the eyes more comfortable and more realistic.

No Pressure Drop

We use a double-sided FPC circuit board to ensure that the lamp strip can carry more current and connect longer led strips.

No Color Difference

With the same color temperature, we will control the color tolerance of the lamp bead within 3sdcm, ensuring no color difference between different batches of light strips of the same color temperature.

No Dead Light

LED lamp bead package requires full use of gold wire and copper bracket to ensure the quality of led lamp bead, higher production process, ensure the lamp bead is welded firmly, and the dead lamp is eliminated.