Office @ neon linear light

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Year: 2020-2021

Size: 2400m2

Designer: Niko Miettinen

Referred item: 200lm/watt 2835 led strip


New office building build in Tallinn, Estonia during 2020-2021. The building is build versatility in mind as no office floor has premade walls between the rooms. There are pre calculated points to move the light modular walls to fill the needs of the moment.

All technical details are hidden behind the lowered wood ceilings as only sprinkler systems are visible and even them have been painted to match the ceilings.

The building uses an brand new structural heating system, which works by predicting the outside temperature and so warming or cooling the huge floors levels on each floor.

All lightings are done in Smart-home Dali system where each light in the offices can be regulated separately to fit all user preferences.